We were named “Best of the City, 2013!”

Our talented Martine Abbey posing for a photo after Just Face It’s micro-needling service was named the “Best Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedure” by Vegas Seven.


Skincare: 3 Reasons to Buy Professional

We agree: professional skincare products can be expensive. So, why would you buy a professional brand when the grocery store brands use the same active ingredients? Here are three very good reasons:

1.   The quality of the emulsifier.

In fact, it’s not generally the brand name that’s expensive.  It’s typically the quality of the emulsifier—or the ingredient that creates a stable mixture amongst separate elements—that sets professional retail products apart. When the emulsifier has low quality, it’s less expensive for the manufacturer which is why domestic retail products tend to be cheaper. But you get what you pay for. Often, low quality emulsifiers actually work against the goals of the active ingredients that are marketed on the package, potentially reversing what the active ingredients are working to achieve.

2.     The quality of the preservative.

Parabens are very inexpensive preservatives and are found in nearly all domestic retail products but there is some concern about adverse effects of exposure to parabens which studies suggest may lead to cancer. Alternatives are harder to come by and, thus, more expensive. Because professional products are more likely to use harmless preservatives (you should still check the label as not all “professional” brands live up to a code of ethics) they are likely to be a few extra dollars for that reason.

3.       The quality of the active ingredient.

The active ingredients in skincare products are not all the same. For example, Vitamin C, a common antioxidant, comes in a variety of forms, including: ascorbic acid, L-ascorbic acid, ascorbyl palmitate, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, retinyl ascorbate, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. Some forms of vitamin C are more appropriate for cosmetic use than others. Domestic retail products tend to use the cheapest forms of active ingredients; whereas, professional products tend to be more results-oriented.  Obviously, the quality of the active ingredient has a substantial impact on the quality of the overall product and its effectiveness.

View a list of professional offerings from Just Face It Medspa here. Medical grade skincare products coming soon.


“Lipolasers”: Achieving non-invasive inch loss

We’ve heard a lot about “Lipolasers” in the media. The general consensus is that the technology is effective, but patient education is the key to responsible use. Here’s a simple and honest look at the technology to help you determine whether or not it’s right for you.

What are “Lipolasers” and how do they work?

Certain wavelengths of light have long been used post-surgery to minimize pain and inflammation. Eventually, it was observed that these treatments were effective in liberating fat from the cell. As it turns out, at certain wavelengths, light is absorbed into the fat cell and causes the cell to open up. “Lipolasers,” thus, leverage this finding into a technology. When exposed to the efficacious wavelength, fat leaks out of the cell and is detoxed naturally through the lymphatic system resulting in several inches of loss over a period of treatments. Treatments are generally done in a series of 6 or more. There are no negative side effects associated with this non-invasive treatment.

Are they right for me?

It’s important to consult with your provider to determine whether or not use of a “lipolaser” will be effective in achieving your goals. We know that the technology works, so the most substantial variable with this treatment is the effectiveness of the patient’s lymphatic system. Use of lipolasers is contraindicated for patients with some medical issues, such as an underactive thyroid; scar tissue in the treatment area; or body dysmorphic disorder.  You may be asked to stay away from alcohol during your treatments, because alcohol competes with fat for metabolic time in the liver, and alcohol always wins. As with all aesthetic treatments, it’s important to make sure that your expectations are aligned with what your provider expects from the treatment. A reputable provider will ask you questions about your medical history and your expectations before recommending the treatment. For a complimentary consultation, contact our Spa Concierge at (702) 562-2882.

Botox: 4 Reasons to Start Now

There are some definite behavioral patterns in the medical spa industry. One of the most consistent of these behaviors occurs after a patient receives toxin products (like Botox, Dysport or Xeomin) for the first time. That is, patients often have a similar epiphany which is some version of, “This is great! Why did I wait so long?”

Reason # 1: Patients who may have found the concept of getting facial injectable aversive are often surprised by how quick and painless the procedure generally is.

Generally, the injectable portion of your appointment lasts a few short minutes and you can resume most everyday activities immediately after the appointment.

Reason # 2: Start the muscle atrophy process early as a preventative step against the formation of deep wrinkles. 

Toxin products like Botox, Xeomin and Dysport smooth facial wrinkles by relaxing the muscles beneath the skin. When the muscles are relaxed, they prevent the formation of new wrinkles in the treated area.

Reason # 3: Results may last longer over time.

Generally, the first time you receive one of these injectables, you will be ready for another dose in 3-4 months. With regular use, muscle atrophy occurs, so you will be able to go for longer periods of time between injections while maintaining a smooth and wrinkle-free appearance between the eyebrows, on the forehead and around the eyes (crows feet).

Reason # 4: Gradual onset of product

Oftentimes, patients are reluctant to try new things because they don’t want others to know that they had anything done in the medical spa. With toxin products, the results are gradual, starting at about 3 days post injection and reaching their full potential by around two weeks. This process ensures a natural evolution into the new, younger appearing you!

Regardless of reason, it’s always a good idea to schedule a consultation with a reputable provider before you start your injectable regimen.  To schedule your consultation with renowned injection artist, Martine Abbey, simply call our spa concierge at (702) 562-2882.